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We strongly believe in having fun with the work we do while creating an environment where employees are empowered to learn every day. Founded in 2011 by a father/son duo, Snaju has been built on a foundation of family values. Snaju is capable of doing software projects, big and small! Snaju specializes in custom websites, but also has worked with companies to build their internal processes, develop products, and bring products to market. We can be your team for every step of the process, from concept to return on investment!

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An unmatched diverse skillset

From developing games, apps, websites, and enterprise applications, we strive to exceed our customers' goals so at the end of the day they have a high-quality product that is brag-worthy.

Continuous growth

As an emerging business, Snaju is ready to take on any project in Software Development. We've had the pleasure of working with industry leaders to help develop their Full Stack or enterprise application from a vision to reality.