Building Space Systems

Snaju® is a full-service software development firm that specializes in space and enterprise software development. We provide design, implementation, testing, training and support services for custom applications for both the private and public sectors.


Years of Experience


On-Orbit Systems

Your Partners in Space.

Snaju® is a leading technology company providing high-quality, mission-critical solutions for the space industry. We are experienced in designing and implementing systems to meet NASA's stringent requirements, which means you can be confident that your data will always be safe.

We can handle anything from space platform design & development, all the way to helping you with your LEO (Low Earth Orbit) experiment software so you can collect all the data you need!

Our Process

Reaching for the stars.

  • An Idea

    We love to hear ideas. Once you reach out, we will set up an intro meeting to share your vision with our team.

  • A Plan

    Nothing will happen with an idea unless you have a plan. After your intro meeting, we will drive into making a plan to help you create your concept.

  • Launch

    Whether it is a physical launch to space or your app going live, Snaju® will ensure your project launches with success.

Space Services

Snaju® specializes in providing cutting-edge avionic software for space platforms, and helping support experiments with their technology needs, so they always have their data.

Avionic Command/ Control Systems

Ground Control Systems

Sub Second File Transfers

Redundant Avionic Systems

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