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Snaju has provided mission critical services to comercial and government clients, supporting system design, engineering, testing, on-orbit operations, and post-mission analysis.

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Avionics Software

Snaju has worked on multiple on-orbit facilities and platforms onboard the International Space Station, assisting our commercial and government clients with their projects and objectives. With Snaju's agile team, we're able to join a project at any stage and contribute valuable feedback and engineering knowledge. Snaju has expertise in the following types of avionics software.

  1. Mil-1553 Spec Communication Systems
  2. CCSDS Packets
  4. Ku & S Band Communications
  5. On-orbit data management systems (DMS)
  6. Command & Data Handling Systems (C&DH)
  7. Sensor Readings
  8. Sensor Fusion
  9. AI based navigation and control

Mission Integration & Operations (MI&O)

Once we're involved in a project we work closely with your internal team to make sure Mission Integration and Operations goes smoothly from final pre-flight testing to when your hardware is returned or the vehicle is at end of life.

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The MISSE Flight Facility

Snaju worked with Aegis Aerospace Inc. to help design, develop and maintain the avionics software, sensor, and commanding suite onboard the ISS external experiment platform MISSE.

What we offered:

  1. Avionics System Design
  2. Avionics Software Development
  3. Sensor Fusion
  4. Ground Systems Design/ Development
  5. On-orbit operations support/ Maintenance
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