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Backend & Frontend Development

GameSlice is an Esports platform that cultivates the ability for anyone to partake in Esports from the comfort of their own home. With GameSlice you can sell tickets to your virtual tournament, manage the brackets, teams, and registrations all from one central location.

Snaju developed GameSlice from frontend to backend in-house.


Backend & Frontend Development

CubedPay was a internal Snaju Project in 2016, that aimed to give Minecraft server owners the ability to capture in-game, on-demand payments similar to how other games do micro transactions and in-app purchasing. The system was built using PHP, Responsive CSS/HTML, and the IonCube Encoder.

Snaju enabled server owners to process on-demand and in-game payments.

Ecommerce, Backend & Frontend Development

Attendle is an industry leading Event Management/ Ticketing platform built for event creators by event creators. With enhanced permissions, ticket types, seating, schedule management, and a template system that allows event creators to control every aspect with the look and feel of the event page.

Snaju developed the UI/UX, Design, Frontend and Backend of Attendle as a Full Stack application then deployed and maintained it on Google Cloud Platform for the client.

StaARS 2 Platform

Data Monitor Development

StaARS is a platform that is flown on the International Space Station to host biological experiments in orbit, it is fitted with a centrifuge, temperature control, and is RAD hardened for space flight.

Snaju developed the web panel that receives data from the ISS and displays it in a digestible manner for the clients of StaARS, along with the NodeJS code that controls the centrifuge and changes to an existing code base.